The Breast Milk Baby DollYou may have already gotten wind of the world’s first Breast Milk Baby Doll, now available in the US. And of course, it’s stirring up all sorts of controversy.

As hard as my husband and I tried, we could only get my older three breastfed kids take a bottle a handful of times. It seemed only natural, then, that when they’d play with a baby doll, they’d pretend to breastfeed it. So you can imagine how curious I was to learn more about this doll.

At first glance, the Breast Milk Baby Doll
looks like any other cute little doll, but when it’s held up to a special halter
top with strategically placed “flowers” (ahem) worn by your kiddo, the
doll’s sucking mechanism is activated, making its mouth move–sucking
sounds and all. It comes in six styles including boys and girls, and even has darker skinned options.

Not surprisingly, the breastfeeding doll has made quite a splash in
Europe, but I’m wondering how it will go over here in the United States where we’re less comfortable with things like (gasp) breasts, or the notion of children role-playing that they use them for their anatomical purpose.

Considering how much my kids have seen me nurse, it’s pretty much the
only way they know babies eat. So personally, I like the idea of them being able to feed a baby doll the way they’ve seen me feed a real baby. My biggest complaint is that the doll ain’t cheap at $89–the lowest price we’ve found.

But hey, maybe if a doll like this
is available and readily accepted, breastfeeding will become more of the norm in our country
too. -Kristen

The Breast Milk Baby Doll by Spain’s Berjuan Toys is available online through on sale for $89, or our affiliate amazon

So what do you think about the Breast Milk Baby Doll? We’d love to hear your thoughts!