Organic cosmetics by RMS Beauty
I’m known around my house as a bit of a lip balm junkie. Every cupboard, pocket and purse has at least one tube or pot of the stuff stashed in it somewhere. So when it came time for volunteers to test the highly lauded RMS Beauty line for CMP, you can bet I raised my hand wildly.

RMS Beauty
was created by top NYC makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, after realizing
she was developing health difficulties because of all the toxic
chemicals and heavy metals in her system from being around so many
cosmetics. Committed to the health of women, she’s sourced certified,
pure, high quality ingredients–and they do what they’re supposed to do

RMS makes a lip2cheek product that’s amazing, but it’s the lip + skin
balm that takes the cake. I’ve been using the simply vanilla flavor for a
few weeks and it has fast become one of my very favorite lip balms.

I can totally see why Allure named it their favorite lip balm in 2010.

A tiny bit goes a very long way, but it’s not gloppy or greasy or
sticky. Plus, I love the fact that it’s multi-purpose and can be used as
an eye cream, a face cream, a cuticle cream or anything else we can
dream up. I don’t know about you, but anything that does quadruple duty
like that automatically gets a better placement in my cupboards, pockets
and purses. –Stephanie P.

Find organic cosmetics and beauty products online at RMS Beauty

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