Zoe b organic biodegradeable beach toys
I’m almost embarrassed to think about how many plastic buckets and beach toys we’ve gone through in my seven years of parenting. If only one of our fave brands, Zoe b organic, had come up with this amazing earth-friendly alternative back then.

Their new biodegradable beach toys
are the perfect size for your beach happy toddler, with a bucket with
built-in handles, a sifting lid, two little cups and a shovel that’s
more like a scoop, which is great for little ones who aren’t really
concerned with digging holes. The best part, however, is that the entire
set will biodegrade in compost, soil, or fresh or salt water in around
2-3 years, unlike those regular plastic buckets that take oh, about, 500
years. Eep.

Once you’ve gotten your own years’ use out of it, pass it onto friends or, you know,  bury it in the garden. -Kristen

Purchase these biodegradable beach toys at Zoe b organic.


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