My first Ergo was a lot like my first boyfriend. Solid, comfortable, and dependable, if a little thick. But not pretty. Not swoon-worthy.

Then Petunia Pickle Bottom got involved. In a babywearing version of She’s All That (or Can’t Buy Me Love, or Clueless–you get the picture) The Ergo got an extreme makeover, and now it’s one of the prettiest baby carriers on the block.

For along time, the main complaint of Ergo carriers was that they weren’t stylish. Well, the new collection of Petunia Picklebottom Ergo buckle baby carriers includes three gorgeous prints in soft organic cotton, and the combination of beauty and function is enough to make a girl fall right back in love with babywearing.

Let me tell you, these carries are gorgeous in person. The quality construction, safety, flexibility, and ergonomic comfort for you and baby are all there in classic Ergo design. But the PPB fabric is beautiful and soft, especially the part that touches the baby. It’s still a thicker carrier, as compared to a Beco or Freehand, but it’s extremely comfortable for front or back carries, with padding in all the right places.

It’s styled to fit adults from 5′ to 6’6″ tall of all shapes and sizes, and can carry babies from 12 pounds to 45 pounds (and even younger with the infant insert, sold separately). My 35-pound
toddler, Mr. I-Do-It-MYSELF, was overjoyed to snuggle up and ride around the house just like our halcyon days of babywearing because it was, and I quote, “Pitty.”

I imagine that when we walked downstairs, a slow-motion spotlight descended on us, and Kiss Me started playing, and then we went to prom. Or, you know, the kitchen. I love you, Organic Ergo. –Delilah

You can find the organic Petunia Picklebottom Ergobaby carriers for $160 at Heavenly Hold and get free shipping. You can also see a list of store locations near you on the Petunia Pickle Bottom website, where they also have matching bags for mama.