Stroller sunshade from Maclaren
I can get a little crazy about sun protection (just ask my husband). I douse myself in SPF 30 every single day–no matter the time of year–and I run for the shade at the playground and the park. So it’s only natural that I want the same safe sun vigilance for my kids. I’ve been looking for a good stroller sunshade–a non-black one that still lets my sons see the world–and I finally found one. Thank you Maclaren!

The new Sunshade from Maclaren
is a smart and stylish light grey color. I never understood why so many
stroller sunshades were black, since dark colors absorb the sun and
light ones reflect it. The fabric is a UPF 50, which shields children
from 99% of UVA and UVB rays. It’s also water-resistant, should you park
your stroller too close to the sprinklers (which I always do).

also love the mesh side panels. Call me neurotic, but I always worry
about my boys not getting enough oxygen when I cover the stroller in a
rain or sunshade. The shade was made to universally fit all Maclaren
buggies, though it does claim to work for most all umbrella strollers.

I don’t have to worry so much about covering my kids head to toe in
sunscreen just to run to the grocery store. The sunshade does it for me!


Keep your little ones covered with Maclaren’s Sunshade, $45 at Maclaren.

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