Hello Kitty BeautyWhen Hello Kitty launched Hello Kitty Beauty a while back, I was thrilled. Sure, I’m a Hello Kitty fan, but I was mainly excited because the collection offered perfect gifting ideas for all the teens in my life, like my makeup-obsessed niece. But now with Hello Kitty’s fall makeup collection, Graffiti, I’m thinking I need to snap up a few pieces for myself, believe it or not.

The Hello Kitty Beauty Graffiti collection, sold exclusively at Sephora, gives the world’s most famous cat some major street cred. The line includes an eyeshadow and blush palette, roller-girl perfume and a funky compact mirror that I’d be proud to pull out of my diaper bag or, um, hand over to my niece.

What’s really cool is that each piece in the collection has its own one-of-a-kind graffiti artwork. My fave is the limited edition brush set
(pictured), which comes with an awesome tagged up Hello Kitty container
that could almost pass as a piece of modern art. Hopefully my niece
won’t mind sharing. -Melissa

Shop the Hello Kitty Beauty Graffiti Collection on Sephora.com.