Doodle Roll portable coloring kit
My handbag is sort of a Mom’s Swiss Army Knife. Need a Band-Aid? Got it. Hungry? I’ve got some mints in here somewhere. But when we get stuck waiting somewhere and the kids are threatening to mutiny out of sheer boredom, it turns out that drawing on the back of old receipts isn’t all that much fun.

Enter a cool new coloring kit that all three of my kids can use at once, doesn’t take up more room than my wallet and stays neat and easy to reach when the doctor’s office is running 45 minutes behind.

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Doodle Roll is a smart little coloring kit created by a couple of Boston-area parents. The kit includes a tightly wound roll of white paper and a few crayons all snapped together in a little plastic carrying case.

At the doctor’s office, I can unroll a couple of feet and line the kids up in a row so all three can draw side-by-side. At a restaurant, I give each child their own square and let them make pictures until their food appears. The roll stays put neatly in the carrying case, and the plastic case also provides a not-sharp tear-off edge so I can make the pages as long or short as I want. Perfect idea for travel.
With 15 feet of paper, Doodle Roll also makes great banners for messages like “Welcome Home Daddy” or “Happy Birthday Spot.” I just need to keep an eye on my three because they’ll be liable to make a sign for the doctor that reads, “No shots today.” -Christina

The Doodle Roll kit is available for under $4 at Schylling.

Congratulations to Amy H. for winning the Doodle Roll giveaway!

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