I am constantly fawning over fabulous rugs in the high-end catalogs that arrive at my door. Having an old apartment with all hardwood floors I find myself flipping the pages and daydreaming about the amazing spreads, that is until I look at the price tags… ouch. Reality settles in, our old worn in rugs will do just fine. Hmph.

So imagine my excitement in having a specific mission of finding a rug for the new playroom we decided to pull together–then finding just that.

Luckily I thought to check in at IKEA and hello, Lusy Blom.

adorable  area rug, not tagged in the kids section mind you, is exactly what
we needed. Bright, bold and playful colors backed by a nice calm ivory
that looks amazing next to our earth-toned furniture. A nice low pile
that’s super soft to the touch, a decent size (just about 5×7) and $40.

Yes $40, for a beautiful full of personality rug that is completely
perfect for any kid or grown up space. We bought two and lined them up
side by side to fill a large room and couldn’t be happier. –Stephanie M

See the full specs on the Lusy Blom IKEA rug at the website, but you can only purchase in store. Completely fine as long as
you know there are fresh hot $1 cinnamon buns awaiting your arrival as


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