Yes, friends, we live in a world where even toothpaste can start a debate between parents and children: What’s in it, what’s not in it, whose picture is on the tube, whether or not it burns like fire, mommy! (by which she means it’s mint.) But here’s a toothpaste just for kids that harnesses the power of coral–yes, coral–for maximum dental health.

It’s called Coral Kids,
and it uses EcoSafe ionic coral to
protect from cavities, whiten teeth, and freshen breath, all without
the use of fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Never fear– it
doesn’t harm our coral reefs; it’s harvested from above-sea
coral, which is plentiful.

Does it actually work? We won’t know
until our next check-up. But I can tell you that it’s not blue and
glittery, it doesn’t stain the counters, my daughter’s breath doesn’t smell, my kids actually like using it, and the Berry Bubblegum smell
doesn’t knock me over. I also enjoy knowing that if they swallow it, they
won’t be ingesting anything bad for them.
Oh, and the only character on the tube is a friendly shark. I told my daughter he ate Dora.~Delilah
Find Coral Kids Toothpaste on their website, through our affiliate Amazon, or at a variety of natural stores.

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