Little Me TeaWhen I was a kid, we drank Purple Drink and Red Drink, and then we licked the walls and hung upside down from the ceiling fan gibbering like monkeys, because that stuff was 100% sugar. Nowadays, I feel like even 100% orange juice has enough natural sugar to keep my kids wired.

Imagine my surprise to discover a drink my kids love that’s all natural and contains less sugar than those we-already-added-water-to-your-juice drinks. 

It’s called Little Me Tea,
and it’s a mixture of caffeine-free tea, herbs, and organic fruit and
vegetable juices created by a mom and dad for their daughter,
Julia. Each serving has 30 calories and only 7 grams of sugar (from the fruit) with
oodles of antioxidants and absolutely no extra sugar or artificial
flavors or colors.

Still, around our house, in the spirit of my youth,
it’s called Orange Drink and Purple Drink. 

Drink is actually Julia’s Tropical Tea, a combination of white and
rooibos teas, hibiscus, chamomile, and organic juices from sweet potato
and carrot to apple and mango. Purple Drink is Zane’s Grape Tea, which
includes the same tea, herb, and juice base mixed with organic red
grapes. To me, they tasted like extremely watered down Kool-Aid. But to
my kids? Let’s just say they drank both boxes in two days and are still
begging for more. Best of all, even after gulping down all those
servings, they weren’t a bit unruly.

Take that, Purple Drink!~Delilah

Find Little Me Tea on their website, or visit this list of retailers.