Morgan & Milo Avril girls' Mary Jane shoesEven though school days are starting up, it will be a while before my kids will need their new cords and warm sweaters. But the slightly cooler days mean it’s time for my girls to toss off their worn-out flip flops and tuck their toes into something a bit more fall-worthy.

And I’m practically drooling over these comfy kicks from CMP favorite Morgan & Milo. Alas, my children have have inherited their father’s big feet and can’t cram their toes into the Avril Mary Janes, but I’m hoping someone younger I know will buy these shoes just so I can see how cute they look skipping down the street to the bus. 

The wool felt upper on the Avril shoe is like a soft gray sweater on a Mary Jane, making it perfect for autumn’s chill. The thick rubber bottom and ball-kicking rubber toe cap mean that there will be no need to sit on the sidelines at recess, and I appreciate the forgiving darker color of the gray, since my girls can find dirt faster than any boy.

My favorite features though are the little felted flowers that give this do-anything sneaker/shoe just enough awwww to take them from jeans to dressier styles easily. That’s much more than I can say for their dirty flip flops. Christina

You’ll find Morgan & Milo’s Avril Mary Janes in toddler/little kid sizes 7.5 to 13 at our affiliate Amazon.