These Are Things
If you’re yearning for a glance at a map today that doesn’t feature that scary white swirl of doom indicated up and down the east coast, take a look at these fantastic cartographic posters spotted at today. But hurry, because of course the sale ends tomorrow.

The talented graphic designers behind These Are Things have done beautiful things
with color and shape, turning a ho-hum world map into a magenta (or aqua
or rust) thing of beauty. Each one is hand-silkscreened to order on
nice quality paper, making it a special little poster for a kids’ room,
or really, any space in your house. Especially at up to 33% off.

Still in stock right now, there are also lovely graphic maps of European capitals, a US travel map, plus the
Brooklyn neighborhood map that’s now so popular in my neck of the woods.
And hey, maybe yours too. I hear Brooklyn is hip these days. –Liz

Find the These Are Things map sale at today through this invitation link, if you’re not already a member. If you miss the sale (ending midday on Sunday 8/28) find These Are Things at their own web shop.


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