A Zeal of ZebrasWhen I explained to my daughter that every group of animals has its own name, she was absolutely entranced. “You know, like a gaggle of geese. Or a flock of seagulls,” said me, Mrs. Smartypants.

Just before realizing that I couldn’t name a third. D’oh.

Just in time, the brilliantly colorful new book from WOOP Studios: A Zeal of Zebras: An Alphabet of Collective Nouns.

As you might expect, the book takes us through the alphabet from an Aurora of
Polar Bears to those zebras, all with big bold type that early readers
will love, and playful, vibrant illustrations that bring it all to
life. What’s truly refreshing though, is that the pages aren’t filled
with pat rhymes about starfish and sea otters, but include truly interesting
facts about the endangered Kimp’s ridley sea turtles, or the
congregation of polar bears in Manitoba each fall.

That means I not only finally learned all the correct nouns for the
animals, I’m actually learning more about the animals too.

I love it
when my kids and I can get smart together. –Liz

Find A Zeal of Zebras: An Alphabet of Collective Nouns by WOOP Studios from our affiliate Amazon