GreenMarkers bookmarksSome books are like cut flowers: I get them, enjoy them, and forget about them. But some books are like lawns, like rich green grass that I want to cultivate and nurture and wiggle between my toes every Spring. 

Okay, maybe just the first two.

If you, too, have some books that will live on your shelf forever, you might like these adorable GreenMarker bookmarks.

The package comes with 75 markers made from sticky Post-It note material
that resemble a beautiful bouquet of green grass when placed at
different points throughout the book. If you’re sick of dog-ears in one
of your forever tomes, this is a sincerely lovely way to mark those
passages that touch your heart. And if you’re a Whitman fan, the world
needs more photos of Leaves of Grass artfully filled with leaves of

Find GreenMarkers at White Rabbit Express which special orders anything from Tokyo. One catch – ordering in dollars adds an extra $10 to the price.
But since this is 2011 and they’re being featured on design blogs, that
will probably change soon. American distributor, anyone?