I love a bargain, but I often hate the effort it takes to find one. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone keep tabs on all your favorite retailers for you, and let you know when the things you love go on sale? Yeah, that would be super.

Fortunately, that is totally doable, thanks to Shop it to Me.
This free service updates you on sales at your favorite brands and
stores via their Sale Mail; you fill out a profile that includes size
and brand information, as well as specifics of what you’re shopping for
(dresses, shoes, accessories). Shop it to Me does the legwork and
emails you information about sales.

You control how often you receive
Sale Mails: daily, weekly, or twice a week–which I think is really the ideal,
if you’re a serious bargain hunter.

And if you find yourself
needing something right now — say a dress for an upcoming event — Shop
it to Me has a nifty search function that lets you browse the sales at
will. It’s how I found a fabulous Kate Spade dress, on clearance, at 3:00 AM.

Shop it to Me is a sale
aggregator–you make all purchases directly from the brand or
retailer, which means that you’re dealing with stores and names you know
and recognize. What you’re skipping is the hard work of figuring out
who has what on sale this week. And we can all live without that. -Susan

Sign up for your free Shop it to Me Sale Mails at ShopItToMe.com.
And check out the search function for on-the-fly sale shopping. It’s a
thousand times easier — and more fun — than scavenging around at the

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