School’s back in session, and I’m back into my daily routine of packing lunches for my sons. I’ve been trying to think of ways to make this less of a chore, and I’m pretty sure I’ve found the answer.

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Each of these uber-cute retro preppy personalized lunchboxes from Pencil Shavings Paper is made of lead-free tin and covered in a printed, laminated high-tack adhesive. You can choose from gingham (my fave), chevrons, polka dots or stripes, and each box can be personalized with your child’s name or just an initial.

But the best part is this: every lunch box has a wee chalkboard inside, for love notes or reminders or funny doodles — whatever will make lunch more fun for your little one. So much cooler than just tacking a post-it note on the sandwich bag. -Susan

Pencil Shavings Paper on Etsy offers these personalized lunchboxes, and please note these are smallish, about 7″ across. So they’re great for preschoolers who aren’t yet eating jumbo subs for lunch.

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