I’ve got a love/hate relationship with IKEA. I love it, because it’s reliable, dependable, and honest. I know what I’m getting, and there are no surprises. I hate it at times, for all of the same reasons. IKEA furniture can be dreadfully boring. Sometimes a room calls for more punk than practical. What to do?

Thankfully, MyKea offers a solution that rocks awesome. It’s like Threadless meets Ikeahackers.

Pick an artist’s motif, and then choose the piece of furniture to cover.
The result is an artistic, colorful set of decal stickers that are
professionally produced and made to fit. Suddenly, the furniture has
more personality than you could imagine.

Mykea bookcase decal
There is art for all ages including an entire kids’ collection; or sort by artist, or by popular IKEA collections like Malm and Billy.

From what I can tell, the decals aren’t terribly hard to apply, and
if you get tired the design, it’s completely removable. Now, your IKEA
piece isn’t a boring piece of white particle board; it’s a blank canvas.
Repeat as often as you like.

The one complaint: some of the decals cost nearly as much as the furniture. That’s the price of real art, I suppose. –Eva

MyKea decals for IKEA furniture are available at

[h/t alist mom]

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