My kids love Sesame Street. Hey, I love Sesame Street. So we have a lot of Sesame Street decorations around our house–if by decorations we mean random books on the floor and half-dressed Muppet dolls.

But we all really love the looks of this totally personalized Sesame Street inspired sign.

Michelle Knox runs a shop selling custom invitations on Etsy but it turns out she’s also pretty rad when it comes to kid decor. She and her husband whipped up a personalized Sesame Street sign out of pine for their daughter’s themed party and it stole the show. So now you can get one, too.


Personalized Sesame Street sign on Etsy

At 36″  long and about four pounds, each sign is securely fastened with screws and wood glue–sturdy enough to stay put during the whirlish activities of a kids’ a birthday party, but quality enough to stay put as an adorable (and purposely placed) year-round room decoration.

Get a Personalized “Sesame Street”-esque sign from I DO Invitations by Michelle. CMP is an rstyle affiliate


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