Letter Learning thank you cards for kids
My mom was amazing with personal notes–she always produced the loveliest card, written just-so, perfectly on-time, for every occasion.  Her mastery of the art form skipped a generation. But the good news is that means my kids have a fair shot at note-writing expertise–and these adorable new educational cards can only help.

Letter Learning
is a line of educational greeting cards for kids, invented by
teacher and mama Ellen Richard. There’s a card for every occasion–from
birthdays to party invites to “just because,” with cute illustrations and pre-made words that kids trace out so that they’re “writing” while learning to write at the same time.

letter learning
There are cards for just-learning-to-hold-a-pencil to more advanced writers (who can also try out cursive word scrambles and awesome color-by-numbers math cards). And I can’t imagine there’s an age group that wouldn’t like to receive one of these. -Lexi

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