cisco umi video callingThe cool thing about Grandparents Day is that if you have grandparents like my kids do, it doesn’t take a whole lot to make their day.

So on the outside chance you were a little busy this week with back-to-school and Labor Day and hurricanes and things–and didn’t even realize it was Grandparents Day–we’ve got three quick, easy ideas to help you let Grandma and Grandpa know you love them.

1.Interview Them
Make up your own questions in a blank journal, or use a book like Between You and Me Grandma/Grandpa
from Sand Dune Publishing which offers the prompts on each page. Even
if you just ask the first question today, it’s never to soon to get started preserving their own stories and memories.

2. Send a video
Gather the latest photos of the kids and in less than ten minutes you can have a fabulous, professional looking video from Animoto complete with music and title cards. It’s always a winner. You can also send a JibJab card which no one in the world can resist. Especially not a grandparent. 

3. Pick up the computer and call!
On Cool Mom Tech, we recently featured 9 video calling options besides Skype.
Or heck, just use Skype. Because the only thing better to a Grandparent
than hearing your voice today, is seeing your face along with it.

4. Let them be Grandparents.
If you live nearby, let them spoil the kids for a day without once
rolling your eyes. Pay for them to take the kiddos out for ice cream. Or offer them a storybook like Here We Go! from GrandCamp Adventures. It’s made especially for Grandparents to read with their grandkids, and even better, it comes with a CD and activities to keep the fun going after the last page. –Liz