Denim TherapyIs there anything sadder than ripping your favorite pair of jeans? Mine were a $5 special off the sale rack, which of course means that they’re irreplaceable. I wore those jeans until they disintegrated at the back pockets and then folded them gently and placed them on the shelf with a fond, “Goodbye, blues.”

But a few weeks ago, I took them right back down. And now I’m wearing them again, thanks to a spectacular new service we’ve discovered.

Denim Therapy
is an idea a long time coming: Mail them your jeans, and they’ll fix
them and mail them back. The process goes beyond simple patches, using a
thread color match process to actually reconstruct the denim.
That means that they repair actual holes, which is
pretty impressive.

They can also replace zippers and
hardware, fix tears and holes, repair those ragged hems, or even turn regular jeans into maternity jeans. 

Of course, it’s going to cost you more than if you did it (badly) yourself. For example, hole repair is $7 for each inch, while going maternity is $60. Still, if you have a pricey pair of jeans with a special place in your
heart, it might be just what you need–and probably a lot cheaper than buying a new pair, and a lot faster than breaking them into perfection again.

I gave it a try and was extremely impressed with
the service. Before, you could see my unmentionables through two big
holes in the bum of my jeans. Now, the denim is good as new, if a little
stiff, and it’s all holding up under washing and drying. Goodbye, blue jean blues.~Delilah 

Go to Denim Therapy to fix your jeans, mamas. Check out
the impressive before and after pics to see some real jean magic.