thanksforteaching.usI have a big, big heart for teachers and all they do. Not just because my own mother is one, but because I can directly point to moments that educators shaped my life in profound ways. Like Linda Taylor who helped me fall in love with history in fifth grade. Dee O’Brien and Duke Schirmer, who I can fully credit for my essential need to become a writer. And in college, my advertising Professor Walter Lubars who gave me the single most essential bit of advice that shaped my career to this date.

I hope I have thanked them enough.

But if not, there’s a site that will let me do it publicly.

is a lovely idea, executed just as beautifully. You can
submit a brief sentence of thanks to a specific teacher, name the school and
grade, and even post right to Twitter. Or email them the permalink, should you still be in contact.

It’s inspiring reading all the little notes from other people to their
teachers; including a few who have acknowledged their homeschooling
moms. A good reminder why it’s so essential to save teacher jobs right
now and just how important they are to us as individuals and society.

(Another hint: click “what’s this all about” at top and scroll down for a nice
little search function. I actually found another thanks to an English teacher in my high school, which is pretty cool.)

The only down side: the effort only lasts for 30 days. Sponsor TBD, a social action organization will have another effort soon. – Liz

Thank a teacher for a limited time at ThanksForTeaching.Us. And to my teachers who might find this through a search for their names, THANK YOU.

[h/t swiss-miss]