We love schools! Photo from iLoveSchools.comNow that the kids are fully back in school, that means unfortunately, there are a lot of teachers out there thinking about all the out-of-pocket money they’re going to have to start spending on their classrooms. Which, if you ask me, is just plain wrong.

But we’ve found a couple of neat options for families who–in the midst of all that back-to-school shopping–want to help provide schools, teachers and students across the country with support, supplies and funding.

This is the original citizen philanthropy website, connecting donors to
individual teachers who need specific supplies. Some requests are as basic as construction
paper and glue sticks, which really shows you there’s a problem funding our schools right now. You can search by state, district, or schools most in need.

This website matches donors with schools and teachers in need of
supplies which you pledge to send them directly. You can also find requests for things like volunteer time
(cool!) and financial donations. I love the idea of being able to choose
an exact school to receive my gift.

I love this site for its simplicity. Teachers register their classrooms in a very easy process, then donors can find and donate to specific underfunded classrooms. Teachers receive 100% of the donated funds, shop for supplies from the site’s resources and then donors receive itemized reports and acknowledgements from the classroom.

So if crowded back to school shopping is starting to get to you,
add a little purpose to your excursions by picking up some extras for
students and schools in need. I’m pretty sure your gifts will be
appreciated. Probably even more than an apple. —Stephanie

Show your love for a favorite teacher or just donate to a school in need with DonorsChoose, iLoveSchools, or AdoptaClassroom.