I love pancakes. They are soft, sweet, and super fun. Oh, and my kids love them too. So I love that Jim Belosic has captured pancake pride so beautifully with a new book, all about pancakes, that could turn you into the favorite parent on the block.

The book OMG Pancakes: 75 Cool Creations Your Kids Will Love to Eat is based on a site that we are big fans of, jimspancakes.com.
For those of you not familiar, Jim got into creative pancake production
as a way to gain some “cool cred” with his own daughter, Allie. 

Allie thinks big, and Jim delivers. We are talking unicorns, beehives, ferris wheels, construction cranes,
and bridges…all made out of pancakes.  The recipes are really easy to
follow, and from what I’ve tried myself, the results are divine.
Have you ever seen a sushi pancake? What about Tic Tac Toe? All here. That said, my oldest son would like a chess game. How about a sequel, Jim? –Eva
OMG Pancakes by Jim Belosic is available at your local independent bookstore, and at our affiliate, Amazon.

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