In spring, a young man’s thoughts lightly turn to love. In fall, everyone’s thoughts turn to a really kickass Halloween costume. Right?

If you’re looking for something really special this year, that will last past midnight on the 31st,

the lovely leather masks from Etsy shop Sundries and Plunder
are entirely handmade… and entirely gorgeous. Each creation is
made just for you; hand-cut and tooled from one piece of leather and hand-painted on both
sides with acrylic paints.Then it’s sealed for added
protection before arriving with a lovely ribbon for tying or hanging on
the wall. 
What do I love? Let’s see. The Snowy Owl mask
would be perfect for a Harry Potter enthusiast. (With
loads of Harrys and Hermiones out there, why not go as Hedwig?) For a
posh twist on Angry Birds, try the lovely Cardinal mask. And this Black Swan
mask would be great with a tutu… and a fake blood stain, if you liked
the movie.

For kids, you can’t go wrong with adorable animal masks from
giraffes to bunnies that are easy to build a costume around and even
easier to hang in a jungle or forest themed room later.

These are definitely not priced like those scary rubber things made in China out of toxic goo, that you find in the costume stores. This is original artwork, made to last, and the prices reflect that. Still, $55-$75 isn’t so bad for such detailed, handcrafted work.

you love them as much as we do, be sure to order early in time for
Halloween. They’re awfully popular right now. Unless, of course, you
were planning to go as Thor. Then you’re just going to need a really big
Find lovely handmade leather masks at Sundries and Plunder on Etsy.

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