madii and dyl
My organic-eating, organic-dressing, organic-playing kids sleep on regular old foam pillows. There, I said it: they spend half of their lives with cuddling up with chemical-filled foam. Not one of the greatest horrors of childhood, of course, but still, I’m so glad to have found an organic pillow alternative

When I learned the great pillows by Madii & Dyl online–an awesome Australian kids’ line that’s now available in the US–I was quite excited. They’re sized perfectly for little heads and necks (there’s a toddler size and a child size) and made from 100% organic latex, so they’re naturally
hypoallergenic and resistant to dustmites, mold and bacteria.

And since I know you’re wondering, as
eco-pillows go, they aren’t ridiculously expensive.

The only thing I’m not keen on is that they come with a
polyester pillow cover and a cotton pillowcase. If I’m going to go to
the trouble to get a natural pillow, I’m not sure I’d want to cover it
in polyester and I’d definitely want to be sure the pillowcase was
organic. Still, that’s fixable. Overall, they seem like a great solution
to the healthier pillow conundrum. –Stephanie

Find organic latex child’s pillows online at Madii & Dyl


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