Baby blankets from Little AuggieNothing says “welcome to the world baby” quite like a cozy quilt. We must have gotten half a dozen of them as gifts when each of my sons were born. We are fully loaded with brightly colored patchworks, dizzying animal prints and handmade woven blankets, all of which do the job, but oh how I wish one of those quilts were as delicate, soft and gorgeous as these lovely ones by Little Auggie. 

Made with ultra-snuggly 100% cotton, the printed baby quilts from Little Auggie look perfect for wrapping little bundles. They are certainly not
the most budget-friendly blankies out there, but they might be among the most

There are four different prints to choose from, and each quilt is backed with a matching, baby-friendly accent
color. But what I love most is the
handmade look and feel. Another big plus? They’re machine washable,
unlike those handmade quilts I received, which never really recover from
a spin in the washing machine.

If you’ve had your heart on a truly special baby gift, this just may be it. -Melissa

Little Auggie printed quilts can be found on their site or through BabyccinoKids.