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Birthday cards are kind of a big deal around our house; not just the ones we get, but the ones we give. My kids adore going through the big box o’ loose cards I have, picking out the very perfect one for their friends, and putting as much time into it as they did wandering the toy store aisle for the perfect gift.

And now there’s another option that I liked the second I saw them.

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The new boxed cards from Inspired by It are made by a
husband-wife team in Rhode Island with a heart for paper. And,
evidently, a head for good ideas. While all the box sets of greeting cards
are bold, modern and printed on lovely matte card stock (so no evil
felt pen smudge perils), it’s the cool kids
that are going to get a lot of use around here.

The covers read you’re not just a kid, you’re a rock star. Or a
super hero. Or a shining star. Or an angel. In fact, you get three each
of all four designs. Which makes it a perfect set of anytime cards for
birthdays, holidays, or best–even, thank yous. And hey, if they get my
kids a little better at writing thank yous, then they’ll be rock stars
too. –Liz

Find fun greeting cards for kids and adults online at Inspired by It.

Congratulations to Jill W!  She won a pack of cards from Inspired by It.  

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