I’m sure most kids would agree–wouldn’t life be more fun if you were sitting on an elephant? I’ll go with yes.

That’s why we’re going ape for this adorable Children’s Menagerie table and chair set from our friends at Paloma’s Nest. The table is a jungle tree, and you can choose chairs shaped like gorillas, rhinoceroses, giraffes, and elephants. Each piece is hand-crafted of eco-friendly birch plywood with a non-toxic finish, and it’s perfectly sized for kids over about age three.

Of course it’s not priced like an IKEA set, but that’s what you get for an eco-friendly work of art that will look gorgeous in the playroom and fill every day with excitement and imagination. And, honestly, a real elephant would cost a lot more than that.* -Delilah

Find the Children’s Menagerie table and chair set at Paloma’s Nest. Shipping is free in the US! And bonus–it comes fully assembled.

[h/t inhabitots]

*I Googled it. Real elephants cost $10,000 and up to buy. They cost around $5000 per month to keep. So this is a fabulous bargain!