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There is nothing that gets my inner MacGyver going more than upcycling. The creativity it takes to see something useful in a random everyday object–love it, not to mention the fact it can be an earth-friendlier way to shop. It totally explains my current bag of choice: it’s woven out of seatbelts and utterly indestructible, no matter how many leaking sippy cups are in it. It’s also the best conversation starter practically ever. 
So this brand-new upcycling site has got 100% of my attention.

The just-launched Hipcycle has
some of the coolest upcycled gear I’ve seen in a long time–all made in
the U.S. or via companies committed to Fair Trade Practices. A quick look and I spotted a folding basket made from chopsticks (hey, I remember those from Shark Tank!), a reclaimed wood planter, grain sack throw pillows that look right out of a shabby chic catalog, and a nice selection of picture frames.

Of course you won’t want to buy everything here, but all of it is creatively (and environmentally)

inspirational. The MacGyver in me wants to fashion a
matchbox into a credit card and buy everything I can. -Lexi

your home with the environmentally-conscious products on Hipcycle


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