T-shirts from StyleMint
Spending time shopping for myself is basically a joke with two kids under the age of three, but it’s certainly nice to receive a little fashion treat every month in the mail. And that’s just why I joined StyleMint, the newish online, members-only club for T-shirts from fashion arbiters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

I never thought I was the type to subscribe to a monthly retail club, but
StyleMint has definitely changed my mind.
It’s pretty straightforward–you answer some questions about your personal style and which kinds of brands you prefer (i.e. if you need retail therapy, do you go to H+M, Gap, or Neiman Marcus?), and then you’re taken to a selection of T-shirts that fit your style.

Now you are either the type who would never spend $29.99 on a designer tee, or the type who thinks that’s a pretty great deal. That will essentially determine whether this service is for you. As for me, I fall in the latter camp; I love that all the shirts are designed by the Olsens themselves, whose line, The Row, is a
critically acclaimed (and way pricey) collection of well-made basics,
including t-shirts.

My first StyleMint tee of choice happened to be the Mullholland,
a super-soft one-pocket, 3/4 length sleeved T-shirt in army green. I was really
impressed with the quality and the fit and how well it retains it shape through washing. And I also like all the style tips that accompany each recommendation, to help you figure out how to wear it.

If army green’s not your color? You always have the option to skip any month’s order. I don’t imagine exercising that option too often. -Melissa

for chic tees delivered to your doorstep every month. Also check out JewelMint
and BeautyMint,
monthly club collaborations with Kate Bowsorth and Jessica Simpson.


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