What do you get when you combine a kindhearted elephant, some hard-working mice, and the Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator of Click Clack Moo?

A sweet little treat that’s fun to eat… I mean, read.

The Little Bitty Bakery
by Leslie Muir and Betsy Lewin is a whimsical and truly fun kids’
book– you
know, the old-fashioned paper kind? The story follows a tired
elephantine baker who worked so hard that she forgot to celebrate her
own birthday. Luckily, she receives a sweet gift from the quintet of
mice for whom she always leaves a little cheesecake.
love the energetic, flowing lines and loose, vibrant use of
watercolors, which really show the artist’s hand–a rare thing in
today’s world of digitally created images. The rhymes are catchy and
unique and include an array of baking terms and their definitions, which
my kids found fascinating. And the recipes on the last page encourage
young bakers to make the very birthday treat shared by the elephant and
her tiny helpers.

Oh, and did I mention
there’s iridescent glitter on
the cover? It looks just like sugar, which makes me hungry all over

The Little Bitty Bakery can be found in your local bookstore or at our affiliate, Amazon.

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