Baby Giraffe - a third arm for parents
Sometimes I wish I had another arm. Like to feed my baby with or to hold a toy for him to play with or to cook spaghetti while doing both of those things. A cool new bit of gear for babies (that happens to look like a giraffe’s neck) aims to be just that–a third arm.

Baby Giraffe is a
flexible “spine” that clips to a stroller or car seat, and holds everything from bottles to toys so your real
arms can do other things–like push the stroller or eat sushi. It was
created by an inventor dad who hated seeing his baby get upset when his
toys were out of reach.

Now that I’ve discovered this
bendy doodad, I never leave home without it. A regular old stroller ride
has become a fun-filled, interactive play time for my little one since
he now has his favorite hanging toys to swipe at during the ride, plus a bottle holder. I also
like the third attachment, a safety mirror–I can now keep an eye on my son in the stroller even
while he’s facing the other way. If he’s starting to get sleepy, I can
quickly get him home for nap time, rather than discovering he’s already
snoring in the buggy.

The bottle holder, while a genius idea,
didn’t work out so well for me. More milk ended up on his outfit than in
his mouth. Which is kind of what happens when my husband feeds him


The Baby Giraffe set is $24.95

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