Zodiac sign baby blanketA blankey is the the one gift that I didn’t care we received way too many of when my daughter was born. It’s a perfect idea when you have no idea what the new parents have or need, but want something more keepsake-y than diapers. But this one takes it up a notch, should you want your blanket to be just a wee bit cooler than the others at the shower.

This hand stitched super cozy astrology baby blanket is
so very sweet, and a more interesting way to personalize it than a mere monogram. It’s made from repurposed wool sweaters and cotton muslin, and you can find it available in all 12 zodiac signs, of course. Perhaps it’s a gift that was written in the stars?

You’ll find it at CMP fave webshop My Sweet Muffin, which has been totally redesigned and looks amazing. Making it more easy to find baby gifts you’ll have to stop yourself from buying. -Stephanie M

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