Toms shoes
I am probably the last mother in all the land (or at least in Brooklyn) to discover just how comfy and awesome Toms Shoes are. But I don’t think I’m the last to assume that is the time of year that we put them in the back of the closet in favor of shoes you can actually wear with socks.

I stand corrected.

The Toms Shoes
Wool Botas
now come in kids sizes too, and they’d be equally
adorable on boys or girls. I love the inner elastic that keeps them on
without the help of the laces, and the rubber sole means the kids can
run around in the gym with them too.

And of course, who doesn’t love that for every pair you buy, one pair
goes to a child in need. A million pairs of shoes have been donated so
far. I think I’m about to make that number a million and one. –Liz

Psst want a cool party project or holiday gift? Grab the natural Toms Shoes for kids, add stickers, glue, sparkles and feathers and let kids decorate their own. It’s a blast!


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