The Conductor is the kind of children’s book I’ve always adored having in our collection; it’s richly illustrated, with a story that kids can appreciate in different ways at different ages. It’s got another aspect I happen to like a lot too: there’s not a single word in it.

French illustrator/artist Laetita Devernay’s beautiful skyscraper of a
book tells the simple, illustrated story of a conductor who climbs into a
grove of trees and orchestrates a symphony of flight when leaves turn
into birds. (Or do they?) My youngest daughter likes the environmental
cues, while my six year-old is enamored of trying to copy the artwork.
When we read it together, we imagine just what music might accompany
every page, inspiring some of the cutest (if atonal) symphonies you’ve
ever heard.

Books that inspire imagination–my favorite kinds. –Liz

Find The

Conductor by Laetita Devernay online at our affiliate Amazon, or at
your local independent bookstore.

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