When Mike and Heather Spohr lost their daughter Maddie two and a half years ago, they refused to let the light this beautiful little girl brought to the world be extinguished–they started Friends of Maddie to support families coping with having a baby in the NICU, like they’d been through, themselves.

This week, Maddie would have turned four. She’s now been gone longer than she was alive.

No one would blame the Spohrs if this week brought nothing but grief and a desire to hide from the world, but once again, they’re channeling their pain into a greater good in honor of their daughter.

As Heather explains on her blog, The Spohrs are Multiplying, Mike wrote the
song You Are the One for her before they were even married. And
now they’ve gone ahead and produced a studio version, and in honor of
Maddie’s birthday. It released on iTunes today for just $.99, with all
proceeds funding the 2012 expansion of Friends of Maddie.

be honest, here: For a cause like this, we’d be tempted to recommend
this song even if it was terrible. But I’m pleased to report that it’s
actually a charming little love song, and Mike’s crooning is downright

Great song, worthwhile cause, proof that love bears all things? I’d say
$.99 is a steal. -Mir

You can
purchase “You Are the One” from iTunes or through our affiliate, Amazon.