quote book coverBetween a personal blog, a paper journal, Facebook and my memory, I have plenty of places to jot down those hilarious things my kids say. The problem is, I have too many places. But mama Alexandra of the creative Kinderpendent blog has designed a sweet little template that makes it so much easier to keep those quotes in one place.

And other than your sweat equity and a few supplies, it’s totally free.

Kinderpendent’s Quote Books Tutorial offers step-by-step instructions for making your own little booklet in which to record those statements you never want to forget, from earnest pleas to Santa, to adorably mispronounced words.

I love that there are three cover colors from which to choose which makes it easier for me to make one for each of my three kids. And inside, instead of lined paper, the cute little quote bubbles have just enough space to jot down a spoken memory.

Kids' Quote Book

Given the hilarious quotes any school teacher must hear throughout the year, I think this would be a thoughtful (and inexpensive) teacher’s gift for the holidays. If you are really organized, you could also prefill the bubbles by asking each child to tell them what they like about their teacher and give her a booklet she’ll cherish a lot longer than another gift card.

Or, make one up for your friend who is about to have her first baby and attach it to the top of her baby shower gift. She may not be able to use it right away, but you can tell her that once her baby starts talking, she’ll have more than enough material to fill up the pages.Christina

You’ll find the free Quote Books Tutorial at Kinderpendent.