Garfield has never been called elegant, nor is Snoopy considered stylish. And yet, in the right hands, the Sunday comics are being transformed into stunning holiday ornaments.

The Sea Urchin Recycled Newspaper Ornament from kissadesign on Etsy is a fun new twist on traditional Polish folk art. In fact, the artist’s family has been hand-creating such decorations for over fifty years. This is serious crafting–each ornament includes eighty meticulously hand-formed points for a delicate and celestial look.

Hang them from a tree, dangle them from a chandelier at a party, or even use them for a year-round splash of color in a nursery. Or choose from more traditional holiday ornaments or vibrant ornaments made from things like Indian paper.

The artist also accepts custom work, so if you have a favorite kids’ book, vintage dictionary, or pretty magazine in mind that would make a special gift, you can contact her for a quote. ~Delilah

Find the upcycled Sea Urchin Recycled Newspaper Ornament at the kissadesign store on Etsy.

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