My kids are grazers; they’d sooner eat a whole bunch of little things than one giant sandwich. Bento systems have always been a smart option for us, as you can imagine. Now there’s a smart new one courtesy of Skip*Hop, the little mom-run company that seems intent on conquering the baby gear world, one awesome product at a time.

The new Skip Hop Bento mealtime kit is a boon for those munchers among us. Six colorful square containers (all BPA and phthalate free) are the perfect size for a quarter sandwich, a scoop of pasta, or a handful of dried fruit or edamame. Or, uh, Goldfish, as the case may be more frequently.

They can click together all in a row, to fit inside the insulated cooler bag along with the freezer pack, or you can separate them out and use them individually.

bento mealtime kit

It’s really smart for younger kids who aren’t yet devouring grownup-size Dagwood sandwiches, or even for toddlers, considering the bag should fit right into your diaper bag or stroller basket. Perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers next week.

And it’s nice to know it eliminates the old crushed cereal in a plastic baggie conundrum. Ah, how I know that well. –Liz

Find the 14-piece Bento mealtime kit online at Skip*Hop


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