Begin Again ToysWhen the toy store ads appear in our Sunday newspaper, I’m mostly uninspired by all the blinky, noisy, plasticky stuff touted as The Next Big Thing. Would these really be the toys that Santa’s elves carefully assemble in the North Pole?

But now, just in time for the holidays, a brand new toy maker has come riding into town, aptly called BeginAgain. And if you are looking for toys, games and activity kits that harken back to a simpler time when people actually said “harken” (heh), you must check out this line of imaginative and eco-friendly toys.

{keep reading for a big giveaway of FIVE of their newest toys!}

For starters, Colorado’s BeginAgain has a smart mission statement that includes working to take oil out of toys and instead using plant-based materials like natural rubber and bamboo. They also vow to have no electronics or batteries in their toys, ever. Now, I’m no luddite, but I agree that a children’s imagination is often all a toy needs to run on.

(Plus I hate having to find the little screwdriver to replace yet another handful of AA’s.)

As a brand-new company started by some folks who migrated CMP favorite Sprig Toys, the first few offerings include their Artist on the Go! travel kit which has already gone with us just about everywhere. The soft-sided natural cotton carry case is easy to stuff into my bag, and the stiff paper stencils are great for open-ended drawing.

Lemonade stand set from BeginAgain ToysThere is also a sweet Lemonade Stand Set for just $15, a fun and active Kickin’ Putt game and they’ve rounded out their website with several rubberwood toys from their Colorado neighbors, ImagiPLAY.

I’d say Santa’s elves would be pretty pysched to make this stuff instead of that baby doll that wakes up ever time you walk by it in the store aisle. –Christina

Check out the new toys from BeginAgain and ImagiPLAY at the BeginAgain website.

Congratulations to Dana G!  She won the Artist Kit, Lemonade Set with Tea Otter, Treasure Hunt game, Bathtub Ball and Kickin’ Putt toys from BeginAgain.