I always feel more social during the holidays. Maybe it’s the cooler weather and festive music that inspires me to finally bring out the welcome mat and throw a party. (Fine, the fact that the house is finally decorated doesn’t hurt.)

But custom paper invitations take time, rush shipping and printing can be expensive, and sometimes an ecard from Paperless Post can be just the thing.

Thankfully, Paperless Post is offering free (yes!) fully customizable invitations that you can create and mail within minutes. You can add photos (a great way to use those Instagram shots), customize the wording and have your invitation out in less than five minutes. Better yet, you can track replies and send reminders to guests–just like you would with their full service invitations. And your guests will be grateful for the convenience of replying with a simple click.

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten around to making your holiday cards, they have a little gift for you too: They also have free gorgeous customizable greeting cards.

There is no excuse to be more social. Throw that party, say hello. Do it now! –Roxanna

Check out all the free holiday cards and invitations at Paperless Post. There are some charges for things like custom envelopes or huge mailing lists–check the site for details.