Last night, I was privileged to attend a taping of the Daily Show, thanks to the wonderful folks at Yes, I was sitting about 15 feet from Bono. Feel free to be jealous–I was jealous of myself!

Bono spoke in such an impassioned way about the real, viable end of AIDS around the world in 2015, thanks to a huge reduction in medicine prices, incredible activism over the years, and the commitment of global leaders from Clinton to Bush to Obama. Today in fact, you can watch a live YouTube broadcast  on the ONE campaign channel at 10AM ET about the beginning of the end of AIDS.

I’m sure it will be wildly inspirational. If not a little hard to believe if, like me, you remember the beginning of AIDS in the 80’s, and how absolutely futile its eradication all seemed.

Here are some other things you can do today:

-Get creative and make a digital panel on the virtual AIDS quilt.

-Like ONE on Facebook for more information about the incredible things they’re doing and how you can help.

-Shop PRODUCT (RED) for the holidays, which is filled with tons of cool stuff we’d love to own anyway.  (Missoni Bugaboo, anyone?)

Project (RED)

Donate to the Global Fund of the UN to prevent AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Even $5 makes a difference.

-Check out the simple One Act a Week ideas on the ONE blog, and see what inspires you. This week’s idea: sending a letter to Secretary Clinton.

-Tweet about it, talk about, tell your kids why it matters.

This is definitely one holiday we hope to see the end of in the next few years. –Liz


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