Kids' slipper socksI hate the feeling of cold feet — yuck! — but my kids must not mind because they kick off their slippers at the slightest provocation, freezing floors be damned.

Kids! They just don’t appreciate cozy toes. Or baths. Or naps. (Silly children.)

Thankfully, my in-laws keep us stocked with slipper socks. They are considered basic kid’s gear in Europe, and they’re genius because once they’re on they’re so comfy and hard to take off that the kids keep them on. And now there’s one more brand I’m so excited to discover.

I love the quirky cute slipper socks by French
company Collegien.
I mean, can you resist this bespectacled and mustachioed monsieur? Of course not. And the best part
is that you don’t have to, because all styles are available in adult
sizes too.

Leave it to the French to elevate
something as practical as slipper socks into whimsical chic
accessories (if pricy ones). Now all you need is a kind friend who can ship them to you
from the EU. Time to look up your high school pen pal. — Roxanna

Find adorable slipper socks for kids and adults from Collegien or find a smaller selection in the US at shops like Odile