FirstBIKE kids' balance bike

As a 4-year-old, my daughter is at the age where her eyes grow wide at the sight of a kid riding a bicycle. Tricycles are so last year–get the girl a two-wheeler, stat!

And what could be a more appropriate first bike than
a FirstBIKE Balance Bike?
little kids, FirstBIKEs have all the appeal of a big-kid bicycle: sleek
lines, cool colors, and–most importantly–two wheels. All
that’s missing? Pedals and training wheels. 
that’s a good thing, because FirstBIKE is made to teach toddlers (as
young as two!) and young preschoolers how to ride and turn on two
wheels. The idea is that, with training wheels, kids miss out on
learning how to balance in a way that comes naturally to them. 
safety factor with FirstBIKE cycles is super-high, too: a special
mechanism keeps kids from jack-knifing the front wheel, reflective
stickers on the frame make for extra visibility, and you can choose to
have a rear drum brake wired to the handlebar for added stopping
So my girl has been cruising around
like a big kid these days–the world just looks a little better when
you’ve got a cool set of wheels. -Lexi

get your child ready to ride with the big kids with a FirstBIKE Balance Bike.

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