Bananagrams in Hebrew
While bananas are not normally something you find associated with Hanukkah, this year we have good reason for you to reconsider- Bananagrams have gone Hebrew.

This awesome modern word game already exists in English and in Spanish so we’re excited to see Hebrew Bananagrams  in time for the holidays.

mainly love Bananagrams because it’s a game I can beat my mother (the
queen of Scrabble) at. But besides that, it is a great game for the
family, which after all is a big part of what the holidays are all
about. Plus, it travels in a banana bag, both clever and fashion
forward. Nice.

Hanukkah will be here before you know it
and this could be a great gift for a Yiddish-speaking grandparent, or a
kid of Bar Mitzvah age who could use a study break. -Stephanie M

Hebrew Bananagrams will soon be available in stores nationwide but for now you can order this alternate version at Levine Judaica which ships in December.

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