Because I live in the desert, snowflakes are as rare as… well, snowflakes in the desert. We dream of white Christmases but they don’t often happen. So snowflakes are my holiday totem, and I absolutely love how they’ve come together in this affordable, handmade set of wooden ornaments.

The absolutely gorgeous mini snowflake ornaments collection from Timber Green Woods are the closest I’ll get to the real thing–and I’m perfectly content with that. Made with sustainable wood harvested from the company’s family farm, each unique design is laser-cut and finished with nontoxic oil. Then they’re all popped into an eco-friendly box (made with post-consumer paper, and the pretty bow is recycled soda bottles!) that looks just like a fancy box of delicious chocolates.

What a fabulous hostess gift this holiday. They really do look good enough to eat. The difference, of course, is that these little beauties won’t be gone with the spring. -Lexi

Get festive with the beautiful (inedible!) mini snowflake ornaments from Timber Green Woods

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