Now that Hanna Andersson has a whole new line of their wonderful, parent-approved pajamas, in new prints from one of our favorite designers, it’s like that magic that happens when two things we love come together. You know, like when when the fresh-baked cupcakes are right next to the wine at the supermarket. Kind of.

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We are so excited that the beautiful, sophisticated Serena
& Lily
 prints that we’ve always loved in children’s bedding and other textiles
are now a part of a whole new line of Hanna Andersson pajamas by Serena + Lily.

This is Serena & Lily’s first foray into the world of baby clothes, and we think the partnership couldn’t be more dreamy.

Made with 100% organic cotton,
the sleepers are comfy, easy-to-zip, and footless (which my
always-overheating-in-their-sleep kids totally love). Plus the heavy, durable cotton has always made Hanna Andersson the kind of brand that parents swear by, because they hold up after tons of wear–and through multiple kids. Serena &
Lily’s gorgeous prints never looked so cuddly; we only wish they came in sizes bigger than 3y.

If you’re not the type to put your kid in crazy Santa pajamas for Christmas morning photo ops, I’m thinking these might be one step better. -Lexi

can save 20% off these beautiful Serena & Lily print Hanna Andersson PJs when you order by December 10!

Congratulations to the 10 winners of a Serena & Lily print sleeper from Hanna Andersson!  They are Rachel B, Janice L, Heather S, Kellie E, Annie K, Miyong C, Kathy O, Meghan S, Yisroel Y, and Nelly S.


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