greener Scotch tape
Over the years, we’ve become more aware of eco-friendly gift wrap options from reusable gift bags, to recycled wrapping paper. But one thing I haven’t thought so much about is tape. And honestly, this must be the time of of year that the folks at Scotch Tape make about 99% of their profits.

That’s why I’m glad to see they’ve finally figured out a way to make a more earth-friendly tape.

The Scotch
Magic Greener Tape
is made with 75% recycled or plant-based
materials, which sure beats 0%. I’ve tried it out and truly didn’t
notice any difference in quality. Which means all thing being equal, I’m
going to buy this one instead.

Of course the dispenser itself isn’t recyclable, so you’re better off
just replacing the rolls than the whole dispenser. It seems there used
to be some kind of recycling partnership with terracycle, but it’s no
longer. I hope it comes back (or better, that they make some headway on
the plastic in the dispensers), but in the meanwhile, I’m happy 3M is
taking big steps to green up the place. –Liz

Look for Scotch

Magic Greener Tape at Target, CVS, Amazon…you know, pretty much


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