GLOB Stocking Stuffers
Santa has three stockings to fill here, and I’m sure it’s a tough job trying to find the perfect not-junky/not-too-expensive little trinkets. Especially when the mama of these children is also eco-minded and prefers open-ended creativity projects instead of, say, a foot-long sticky candy cane.

Which is why Santa, or whoever is bringing your kids their gifts, will be pleased by this line of eco-friendly stocking stuffer paints.

GLOB’s Stocking Stuffer Paint Packets look like little seed packets each holding a pouch of dried coloring made from all–natural ingredients like fruit, vegetable, flowers and spices. What we love most about these paint colors is how vibrant they are when you mix with a few drops of water, from a pinky Pomegranate, a deep blue Berry Blue and even a Plum Purple that delivers. At first Lemon Verbana was a bit too mustardy to warrant the “lemon” tag but after drying, it is indeed a pretty sunny shade.

And yay for eco paints that smell delicious too…but not so delicious that my kids want to lick their brushes. Though non-toxic, these paints aren’t meant to taste yummy. Plus you can add more or less powder, to control if your kids are painting more with water colors or thicker paints. If you are inclined to make homemade play-dough, you can even add it to create colorful dough. 
With two of each color included in the Stocking Stuffer, Santa can easily split the paints among kids. Santa, you can thank me later. –Christina
Order GLOB’s Stocking Stuffer Paint Packets, along with other GLOB products, from Abe’s Market. Yes, there is still time before Christmas!

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